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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Interviews: Interview Tip #1

This will be the first of a series of 10 Interview Tips, in light of the upcoming interviews for scholarships and application for universities.

1. Dress well

Clothes give the most important “first impression” that you present; therefore, it is all-important to look smart and presentable. And by that, I don’t mean dress as if you were to go clubbing. These interviewers will usually work in an office environment, and they will be used to being surrounded by people dressed in smart blouses or dress shirts. You will not make a good impression if you show up in your faded and torn, super-super-low Levi’s. For girls, knee-length skirts or dark trousers with covered-toe shoes and a loosely fitting button down shirt would be the best bet. Baju kurung would also be a good option, as most offices in Malaysia encourage their employees to wear the traditional Malay garb; however, don’t go all out and wear your special, once-a-year-only baju kurung kerawang with gold trimming. Simple clothes work best. For guys, it’s relatively easy. A nice dress shirt with trousers and black shoes, and a tie if you’re feeling particularly spiffy. Also be conscious of your entire appearance. Too-long, unkempt hair or too many facial piercings may be distracting to an interviewer.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

(I'm a bad example)

At one Ivy school interview, I think I wore my low-cut jeans and a nice baby tee. Well-- I did get admitted....

12:55 PM

Blogger chenchow said...

Joyce, it is great that you are writing a series of interview tips for the benefits of those who are going for interviews~!

Just a little to add. Before you attend the interview, you could survey from those past students on how formal the interview is done.

For most Malaysian-government or semi-gov related scholarship interview, attire as Joyce describe would be appropriate. And perhaps, for guys, if you have blazers/coat, no harm putting that up too.

4:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

elizabeth, which school was that? Just how formal(or informal) was that interview?Was your interviewer someone old or a fresh graduate?

5:28 PM

Blogger ~g@LfLow3RcH*c~ said...

I think Elizabeth is talking about an interview with this one Ivy school which I attended too! My interviewer is someone in his 50s who did his graduate studies in that school. It was a semi-formal interview in his office but I was not dressed formally...and I was late by 45 minutes (I couldn't find the place but I kept calling to let him know). Though I didn't get admitted, I was waitlisted.

4:26 AM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

lol, shin yi.

Anyway, I just want to make this clear to everyone: I'm a HORRIFYINGLY BAD EXAMPLE. If I had to go through the interviews again, I would definitely wear something more formal. I have absolutely no idea what was going on in my mind at that time. However informal, or formal it was, I would have worn at least a button down shirt with longer sleeves (but I might have worn the jeans anyway... cos some interviews are really informal - I heard of interviews held in McDees) Tinkosong gives you great advice, guys!

2:10 PM


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