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Monday, November 14, 2005

SPM - Good luck!

How I remember this day 2 years ago - the numerous sleepless nights, the endless supply of caffeine, the multiple text books, reference books, practice exams, the scary dreams I would have about missing a Chemistry exam - Oh SPM 2003, I curse you to a slow, painful death.

To all of you who are taking your first papers today: You will look back upon this day many years later, remembering the fear and worry you are feeling right at this instant. But it will not matter then - SPM will just be another memory to you, just as it is to me at this moment.

For this moment, though - Good luck and God bless. You guys will do well, I'm sure of it.


Blogger Tasslehoff said...

Uh.. You took extra subjects?
It seem almost everyone here (st. Jo Kch) seems to be quite relaxed for some particular reason... Maybe because of the 5 subject cram in the first 4 days of SPM and the 2 papers this week (3 for those taking bible) and 3 next week (actually 2 if you dont count EST) Quite alot of people are still online, playing games, and blogging.

7:26 PM

Blogger joyce said...

Well, all I can say is maybe you guys should pay slightly more attention to the fact that this is one of the biggest exams you'll ever take.

I took an extra subject, Eng Lit

10:13 AM


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