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Monday, November 07, 2005

SPM, STPM, US - Need help with essays?

To all you secondary school students interested in applying to the US.

Yes, by this time you've probably been through the SAT Reasoning Test.. and are studying your butt off for the SAT Subject Tests. Most of us have been through that crazy period of time where you're cramming brand new facts (in a different language!) into your head.. and at the same time, you're trying your best to write essays which are (you hope) aimed to get you into some of the top unis in the USA.

That's where we come in!

Need peer comments? Help with your focus? Advice on how best to present yourself?

We have a panel of Malaysian university students at universities like Harvard, Yale, Purdue and Northwestern who will give you comments on your essays and a few suggestions as to how to improve your language or your focus. Just drop us a line at tinkosong@gmail.com! We'd be more than happy to help you out.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated to the Department of Undergraduate Admissions at any of the aforementioned universities. We do not guarantee you a perfect, admission-sure essay. We are merely a group of university students trying to help out potential freshmen.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

hi guys,
this is liz from yale... nick send me a shameless message promoting this on friendster...
good job, guys!

anyway, i just bought a domain and i have a lot of extra space... so do you guys want to make this more 'official' looking (instead of using blogger...). i'm offering to host you guys on a subdomain. tell me!
the domain name is: http://www.inkyhands.net

(and maybe, you could help me with some technical matters...)

11:33 AM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

p.s. plus, we get publicity both ways!! shoot me an email if interested.

12:14 PM

Blogger YM said...

Wow. This page is pretty darn interesting..

I'd like to give my 2 cents..
Firstly, being a private university student in M'sia, I think we're slightly better off when we graduate compared to the public Uni students 'coz we study everything in English. But that being said, most people admit into the uni without knowing how to string a proper sentence in English. Even after a year here, many still can't speak or write English properly.

Fortunately for them, however, the crappy examination board still gives us exams that are more than 70% based on memory work. All they need to do is work hard and memorize every single word eventhough they don't have a clue what it all means. Only a small fraction of papers actually have questions that can't be answered by what we can memorize. Unfortunately, these questions are few and carry minimal marks. My guess is that they are worried we, Malaysian students who grew up on the memory exams couldn't cope with analyzing and expressing our own views.

I'm convinced that the public uni's studying culture can't be that far off either and in BM too. That's why the majority of the unemployed are from the public Uni's, only a fraction of them from the private uni's. But really, who is to be blamed? The Education Ministry for a screwed up education system or students who are more than happy that they only need to memorize everything during the exam period and forget all of it afterwards? Realize how few students actually stand up and ask for a paper that actually requires them to think and analyze for themselves? Yet, they are also the ones who complain about being unemployed...

1:18 PM

Blogger - ソ | レ - said...

Id like to congratulate your joint effort to help us fellow Malaysians. Shien Jin linked me to this forum, as I was mailing him asking for some advise.

Anyway, Id like to ask Eng Han for some help btw. Do you by chance have Nithiya's email address? He's a receipient of the UWC scholarship at New Mexico this year. I met him through the preperations for some international environmental thingy.. CXIWE. Id like to stay in touch with him, and hopefully get some tips for next year's UWC applications. I hope to continue the unofficial streak - CXIWE's ex-participants have gotten UWC scholarships for the past 3 years.
Your assistance would be of most gratifying. Thank you. :)

9:20 PM

Blogger joyce said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm sure Eng Han can link you up to Nithiya.

5:16 AM

Blogger enghan said...

Yang Li, I can't give out Nithiya's email for privacy reasons but I have already conveyed your message to him. He should be in touch with you sometime soon.

8:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun here.
Do you guys still read through applying-Freshmen's essays to help edit or comment?

3:04 PM


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