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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Young Global Citizens Project

The Young Global Citizens Project (YGCP) is a British Council initiative to bring together young people from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United Kingdom for a grueling, physically challenging and intellectually stimulating ten day camp. YGCP is fully sponsored by the Connecting Futures program of the British Council. Ten young people will be selected from each of the five participating countries to take part in this camp.

This once in a lifetime opportunity was created to provide a forum to facilitate mutual understanding and intercultural interaction between youths and to empower young leaders around the world with the skills, contacts and knowledge to become more effective catalysts for positive change in their local communities.

Previous camps have been held in Bogor, Indonesia in January 2005 and in Davao, the Philippines in January 2006.

Activities in the ten days include visual and performing arts, music, writing and oral traditions, role-play, debates, skills workshops, drama, presentations, brainstorming, team-building exercises, trekking, sports, community immersion and institutional visits.

What I especially enjoyed in the camp itself were the dances, traditional games and cultural presentations. They were absolutely fantastic. British Council did a wonderful job of organizing the camp right down to the nitty-gritty details. But the most memorable aspect was, of course, the people. Imagine the youthful, vibrant zest for life and the potential for change exuded by 50 youths! It was definitely quite an experience, living and eating and bathing with some of the most determined and motivated young people around the world. In the end, all of us left richer in terms of friendships, networking, knowledge, insight and experiences.

Application Criteria:

10 Malaysians will be selected for the camp. To participate, you must be Malaysians aged 18-25 who demonstrate leadership potential. Your application will be greatly enhanced if supported by good interpersonal and communication skills, active involvement in community or university projects, and creativity.

It is also mandatory for selected participants to attend a pre-camp and a post-camp in addition to the main camp.


Applications will be open in September/October.

The YGCP main camp is traditionally held in January, with the pre-camp in December and the post-camp in March/April. All these are, again, fully sponsored by the British Council so there will be no expenses to be incurred in terms of transportation, air fare, and board and lodging costs.

Visit British Council Malaysia for more information.

by Andrew Loh

Andrew Loh is an ex-Djian(yeah!) who participated in the recent Young Global Citizens Project Camp in Davao last January. He is a skilled debater and also a contributor for thecicak.com


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