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Monday, February 20, 2006

Telekom Scholarship

I just would like to give you a brief description about Telekom Sponsorship Program.

I think it could be one of the Sponsorship program in Malaysia that is the least rigorous in its selection process. But please don't assume that it doesn't come with a huge price. Standard rule for the bond is, 'For every year they sponsor a student, the student would have to repay back by working with the firm for 2 years.' So technically, a 10-year bond is the usual case.

Let me just briefly explain to all young Malaysians how the selection process works.

Selection Process:

Preliminary Round:
Complete a long-winded application form. Students can obtain the form from the Telekom Headquarters. Well, i'm gonna spare you the details as your SPM results have to stand out from the rest of the applicants. (typically > 8As, unconfirmed) A screening process will take place as soon as the deadline is over. Lucky individuals will be invited for the first round of interview.

First Round - Usually with a HR officer from Telekom together with 2 other candidate. This is like a pre-filter and hence it really boils down to your personality, communication skills and various other attributes.

Second Round - A Panel interwiew with 3 officers from Telekom. Of course, the HR director would be there with two of his subordinates. Questions asked in the interview can range from General knowledge down to very specific details about your interest in the course that you intend to do.

Third Round
Aptitude Test - Well, i really have no idea about the passing mark nor the total no. of questions for the test. Just do as many as you can and hope that you get them right.

And if you do make it through the process, well done! You will then be sent to one of the local colleges to do your pre-U. This will be the place where you found out that things has started to get tougher.

This is where you will get your first restriction from the sponsorship program. You could only apply to the universities that Telekom says you should go to (a very short list) be it UK, France, Germany or Australia.

That is not the only restriction, scholars who were offered the sponsorship scheme will have to do very well in their exams in A-levels. They have to obtain 3/4As if they wish to secure their oversea sponsorship. Otherwise, they would have to do their undergraduate studies locally (in MMU, i presumed.)

Finally, if you do make it through the pre-U, be sure that you demonstrate strong records of academic excellence in the University that you will be attending. Basically, you have to get First Class every year (for UK standard). Otherwise, poof... of you return to Malaysia for the following academic year to continue your studies in MMU. Sounds harsh? Well, it was never meant to be easy in the first place.

That was what i have gathered recently from a conference that i have attended 5 months ago at Kuala Lumpur. From what i see, the terms in Telekom Sponsorship Program could be as tough as A*STAR Scholarship from Singapore.

Now, let me tell you about the sponsorship scheme.

1) Tuition fees will be fully covered
2) Allowance will be given every 3 month to the students to cover their accommodation and food expenses.
3) Book and electrical appliances allowance per year.
4) Two return flights for the whole course including your initial flight for your first academic year and the final one where you supposed to report to them after your graduation!

It was generally a norm that Telekom only sponsors students to do Engineering and Computer Science course. Lately however, I have seen them accepting students who wanted to do Law or Economics. Sounds like a good change.

Should there be any more queries, please do not hesitate to write to me at
chiyip at time dot net dot my

by Adrian Seow

Adrian Seow is a Telekom Scholar in Cambridge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

which means, you can't submit an open application.......

3:12 PM

Blogger nakedwriter said...

Hey there! Thanks for the info - may i know what course are you doing? Do you think they'll accept things like PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)? And is the interview in BM or English? What if i've started my A Levels?


8:25 PM

Blogger enghan said...

hey guys, we really appreciate your comments but if you do have any specific questions, try emailing the author at the given email address to get a faster reply. The authors might not check the comments section that often. Thanks.

2:07 AM

Blogger Jr. said...

Hello everyone,

Anonymous: Perhaps you could at least decide whether you will be more inclined towards a science based major or an arts. That would at least let you gauge on your credibility in the application.

Nakedwriter: I am currently in my final year of a 4-year engineering course. Yes, Economics is possible. Which could also meant that i do not see why they do not sponsor students on PPE. Interview is in English for me.

You could try applying to them even if you have started your A-levels.

8:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is not the issue........one must indicate a college of preference in the oxbridge application form. Which means you won't be able to apply for the scholarship if your choice is none of the stated ones.

8:44 PM


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