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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Creative Thinking Summer School

I would like to recommend this program to all of you out there between the ages of 15-18: the Creative Thinking Summer School organized by Trinity College, University of Melbourne. For your information, there are two summer schools namely the Creative Thinking Summer School as well as the Science Summer School. The Trinity College Creative Thinking Mid year and Summer schools are intensive courses for Australian and overseas students designed to give them an intellectual and social edge for their final years of schooling while also providing an introduction to University of Melbourne courses in a range of disciplines. The Schools are designed to assist academically able students in the transition to senior secondary with an emphasis upon creative pedagogical approaches to many academic disciplines. The Trinity College Creative Thinking Schools are therefore suitable for students aiming for either a Science or Humanities focus in their final years of schooling. Features of the Summer Schools include:

o The Reason! Method for improving thinking skills
o Successful learning techniques for senior secondary school years
o Problem-solving and planning skills
o Fun techniques for improving communication

Students will study four modules:
o International Relations
o Cultural Narratives
o Dramatic Narratives
o Global Issues – Environmental Management

There will be five units of choices where students could choose according to their interests. The choices are:

1. Problem-solving mathematics
2. Advertising and persuasion
3. The economic market and globalization
4. Endangered species
5. Creative Writing

This is a brief idea of how’s the summer school like. The program is typically conducted around early December to mid December. For those who are interested in this program, the college will provide some financial assistance ranging from partial scholarships to a full one.

Scholarships provided by Trinity College:

1. A Part Scholarship Award recudes the standard fees for both the Creative Thinking Summer School ( CTSS) and Science Summer School (SSS) to AU$1600 (The CTSS part scholarship Award reduces the standard CTSS fee - AU$2300 TO AU$1600. and the SSS part scholarship award reduces the standard SSS fee - AU$2600 to AU$1600).

2. A full scholarship award pays for all accomodation and program costs for students attending either Summer School ( The CTSS full scholarship award covers the standard CTSS fee of AU$2300, and the SSS full scholarship award covers the standard SSS fee of AU$2600)...air fares to Australia and costs of personal needs are not covered by the scholarships.

For more scholarship details, one should visit their nearest IDP EDUCATION
Australia for further information.

I myself am a full scholarship recipient and everything is taken care of by the college except my flight ticket to Melbourne. If you have any inquiries about this program, do visit this website: Trinity Summer Schools or email me at awesome_ming[at]hotmaildotcom. I highly recommend this program to those who are in their senior secondary school years (form 4 & form 5) to attend this summer school as it is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity that you would not want to miss. Through this summer school, I had a better idea of the education system in Australia and the opportunities that are available for overseas students for their higher education. Apart from that, you will have the chance to foster friendships around the world and make lots of international friends from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand as well as Kenya that you will cherish in your life time.

by Teh Hui Ming

Teh Hui Ming is a Form 5 science student at Penang Chinese Girls' High school. She attended the Creative Thinking Summer School in Dec 2005.


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