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Monday, January 16, 2006

7th China Synergy Program

This is a program that I highly recommend. I myself went to the 5th China Synergy Program, and it is the best 3 weeks that I have ever experienced in my life.

It would be from 2nd to 18th July 2006, and the application deadline is on the 6th of February 2006. Do browse through the website, for more details.

This year, the trip will bring you to HK, Guangdong, Macao, Xian, Shanghai and Beijing. There is no application fee, and for those who are accepted, they are charging USD200 (RM760) as a token for your confirmation. This is to avoid those who sign up and fail to show up.

Every cost, including accommodation, transport, meals etc would be borne by the organizer, except for the visa application fee to China, and your return flight between KL-HK.

You would get opportunities to meet up with a lot of top government officers in China, including mayors of several cities, some ministers, and perhaps Vice President of China etc. Besides that, you would have opportunities to meet up with top CEOs in China ( I met up with CEO and founder of Baidu.com when I was there, besides a number of other CEOs), olympic gold medalists, China top 10 youth, historians etc.

And the best experience would be meeting up and learning together, plus networking with over 200 top students from all over the world that attend this 3-week China Synergy Program.

Hope that some of you would apply. The application criteria include you must be studying in a university anywhere in the world(degree, master or PhD), and you must be a chinese descendant.

by Yeoh Chen Chow

Chen Chow is a very active contributor in RECOM and is very dedicated to help his peers in any way. For more information, contact him at www.recom.org


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if one is entering university in september 2006?

8:59 PM

Anonymous nalgene87 said...

Thanks Chen Chow for that wonderful piece of information!!

12:32 AM

Blogger chenchow said...

If you are entering uni in Sept 06, you would need to wait for next year to apply. Deadline is on 6th Feb for those who are applying. and for those who feel that the fee is a hindrance, check out http://educationmalaysia.blogspot.com . Mr. Tony Pua has offered to sponsor the flight tix and fees for 2 lower-income Malaysian who get into CSP.

8:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, may i know when/how would the results be announced?

10:42 PM

Blogger chenchow said...

The result is just announced a couple of days ago.

7:09 PM


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