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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Scholarship, Local - Star Education Fund

I'm currently a first year student of Bachelor of Commerce in Metropolitan College. I am majoring in Marketing and Management for the Curtin University Program. Though I started out with a pure science background in high school, and went on to Bio-Science in SAM, Taylor's College, I've taken a 180 degrees spin into commerce. Why?

For starters, what I wanted to do isn't what I'm doing right now. I wanted to do Sport Science, but my parents fear that there is no job prospect in that. So after much persuasion, I agreed to go into something "more marketable", to quote my mom. Seeing the ad for the Star Education Fund in the papers, my mum urged me to apply for it.

Applying for SEF
There are two intakes for the Star Education Fund each year. One after STPM and one more around August-September. When you apply, there will be a list of colleges/universities/institutions that are affiliated with the Star. For every institution, the scholarship value is different i.e. some full, some partial. You have to choose which institution you would like to get into, as well as the specific course.

Metropolitan College offered 2 spaces this year, full scholarships. One for RMIT and one for Curtin. However, the scholarship only provides for a 3+0 program.

Applying for the SEF is simple. There wasn't much to comply with. You just have to be a rather active student with above average results. How many certified certs you wish to include is entirely up to you. In short, you need to "sell" yourself. Simply print the form from the website, fill it up, and send it in before the due date. You can only apply for one institution.

Then, sit nicely at home and wait till you get called.

I forgot how long they took to assess everything and shortlist candidates for interview. But it wasn't very long. When you get called, half the battle is won. Now, the interview is actually conducted by the admin staff of the college you applied for. There'll be a representative of Star there as well. That is why you have to choose which college to go into when you apply. I have been told that the scholarship fund actually comes from the institution, and not from the Star. The Star only facilitates the process. The main purpose of the SEF is to aid the needy in getting a tertiary education. Therefore, questions asked during the interview would be something like "How would you finance yourself should you not get this scholarship?". They are more concerned about your financial background. However, some questions would also be asked based on your achievements. (Note: Keep a copy of what you wrote when filling up the forms. Read them through before you go for the interview.)

The scholarship
If you have been successful, they will call you up to go and collect your letters. you will then be able to register for the respective college, with that letter. Relatively good results have to be maintained throughout the course. You will also be advised to be active in the college and so on.

One oh-so-terrifically-great thing about the SEF is that there is no bond. You need not work for The Star after you're done. The only thing they hope you would do in return is to join the SEFA - Star Education Fund Alumni www.sefa.org.my. Trust me, you'd want to join it.

SEFA organizes many events which are pretty fun. I recently went for this Treasure Hunt from KL to PD and it was such a great experience. I look forward to future events, and eventually to joining SEFA. No kidding.

I'd say apply for SEF. It's not a particularly fancy scholarship program, but it has its perks. when I'm done with this 3 years, I might just take up Sport Science. If i have sufficient funds that is. But where there is a will, there is a way....

By Karen Siah
Karen Siah is currently a first year student of Bachelor of Commerce in Metropolitan College. She is majoring in Marketing and Management for the Curtin University Program. Karen is funded by Metropolitan College through the Star Education Fund.


Anonymous daz said...

how if the college i want to enrol are not stated in that web?

12:25 PM

Anonymous Lilian said...

would u mind telling me what u wrote for the "reasons for applying" section?
besides financial need, what else should I mention?

btw, I'm applying for Metropolitan too.


1:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the minimum score or results to apply for this scholarship?

10:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

may i know for school leaver, the SEF scholarship only provides diploma programme?
or will they continue the scholarship to degree level(like JPA n PETRONAS)?
wat if i m already enrolled in the institution for diploma programme?
besides, wat exactly is 'above average' result? 10A?

9:25 PM


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